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The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality

The 3 Colors of Your Spriituality
The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality portrays nine spiritual styles and helps every believer identify which one is the most natural way for them to connect with God: the sensory, rational, doctrinal, Scripture-driven, sharing, ascetic, enthusiastic, mystical, or sacramental style. Based on this fundamental discovery, the book outlines a growth path resulting in passion, balance, and maturity.
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Rex Marre's picture

We have just completed "3 Colours ..". A struggle for many of our older traditional members. Personally found it interesting and challenging in that my 'opposite' style - actually 6th in order - is mystical and as a Christian pastor deceived by the 'protestant work ethic' I find it hard to justify sitting with my mind in neutral.

About the Authors

Christian A. Schwarz

is founder and president of the Institute for Natural Church Development, located in Germany. His books on the theology and practice of church development have been published in 40 languages. In the past few years, his institute has worked with more than 65,000 churches in 72 countries. In his writings and seminars, Christian has concentrated on presenting complicated theological concepts in ways that can be understood and applied by a wide audience.

Adam Johnstone

is director of NCD Australia and works at the same time in the leadership team of NCD International. In the past few years, he has contributed to countless innovative tools for Natural Church Development. Adam and his wife Melinda have four children and live close to Brisbane, Australia.

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